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:: ActiveX DLL for integrating secure, real-time transactions into any application

KeyIC is proud to announce the release of Key IC ConneX 1.0. The ConneX module offers a clear advantage to any business that wants to simplify it's payment processing system.

Key IC ConneX is an ActiveX DLL that provides a library of functions used for secure, real-time payment processing. Integrate it into any application that supports ActiveX (i.e. VB, VBA, VBScript, etc.) A separte ConneX for 4D (Mac) is also available.

Key IC ConneX works:
  • Supports Auth vs. Sale
  • Credits
  • Refunds
  • Recurring Transactions and subscriptions
  • ACH (Checking account) transactions

Includes examples in Microsoft Access and ASP. You can easily copy the code from the examples into your application and change the fields that are being passed in. Responses are returned so you can perform logic based on the results, store transaction id's and auth codes in your database, etc.

Communication takes place over any TCP/IP connection and also supports "Order Integrity", a proprietary MD5 based encryption.

It's free

The download is a 30 day demo complete with documentation and examples. This allows an unlimited number of test transactions to be put through the system. In order to extend the component past 30 days, the activator is needed which can be obtained from us free of charge.

Key IC ConneX does require a Key IC Digital Payment Processing account in order to process live transactions.
A Demo of the Key IC Digital Payment Processing system can be obtained here.

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The KeyIC Digital Payment Processing Solution itself adds powerful features such as:

- Fully customizable e-mail receipts
- The ability to categorize transactions using "tags" for reporting and e-mail receipts
- Advanced Fraud Screening with Fraud Barricade
- Powerful reporting tools
- And many more features such as ChargeBack lookout, Order Integrity Encryption, Triple Credential Authentication

KeyIC ConneX along with the KeyIC Digital Payment Processing Solution makes a powerful tool in any developers arsenal.



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